Ship Owning & Management

Crew Management

Started in 2011 , our Ship Managment and Operations Division provides quality ship management services to our clients in a timely and cost effective manner. We manage harbor crafts , dredgers , barges and other marine flotila . The company owns as well manages tonnage for local ship owners to provide cost effective solution.

Crew Management

We understand that the quality of officers and crew are the most important factor in the management of a vessel.

Therefore, our crew management services apply the highest standards of human resource management into practice.

Our crewing services include

  • Supply of Officers and Ratings as per requirements
  • Contract
  • Training
  • Personnel Database
Recruitment and Management

Our highly experienced recruitment team have a reputation for supporting seafarers. Our extensive database assists the company in responding to client requests in a relevant and timely manner. We assign the crew to vessels based on our standards for the position, crew qualifications and experience and the client requirements.

Recruitment and Management
Payroll and Logistics
Payroll and Logistics

We have the facilities to provide full payroll services, including

  • Organise payroll for multiple companies
  • Record earnings and deductions
  • Calculate gross to net based on local, national and international requirements.
  • Assist with tax implications
  • Assign payments via bank transfer, cash or cheque
Technical Management

Our skilled technical teams monitor vessel performance and condition through regular reporting from the ships and detailed on-board inspections.

Vessels managed by our company run on ship energy efficient management plans which is used by the company to consistently plan and monitor their ships in order to improve its efficiency for reducing Co2 emissions. This also ensures that owners gets the best value from their assets which are fully maintained, surveyed and audited to comply with all national and international legislations.

Detailed running cost reports are prepared to ensure that owners are kept fully informed of the financial position, and regular meetings are held with owners to discuss both the technical and financial aspects of the vessel performance. Management of the supply of stores and spares in a prompt and economic manner is one of the keys to good management.

Technical Management


Key Services Offered

Key services offered are

  • Supply of Stores and Spares
  • Preparation of ISM, ISPS Plans
  • Ship Management Services
  • Maritime Consultancy Services
  • New building and vessel modification planning, contracting and supervision
  • Planned maintenance system implementation and monitoring
  • Classification survey attendance
  • Major machinery overhauling reconditioning
  • Dry docking and repairs - planning and attendance
  • Budgeting, budget control, financial forecasts and variance reports
  • 24/7 technical support, including on site attendance
  • Vessel registration, documentation and certification
  • Pre-purchase inspections, damage surveys and condition assessments
Commercial Management

Through our chartering service, we have commercially managed fleet of our clients.

Using an extensive experience, we can provide clients with competitive services for commercial operation of vessel

We provide quality services and work with our clients through open and honest dialogue, and are fixated at building trust with them.

Commercial Management


Our Services

Our services include

  • Ship Chartering and Broking
  • Sale Purchase Inspection/ Condition Survey
  • Change of Flag and Class Surveys
  • Port Captaincy, Draft Survey, Bunker Survey
  • Demolition Voyage Certification
  • Negotiating and concluding periodic charters
  • Market analysis on chartering possibilities
  • Assisting with the employment of vessels
  • Commercial legal matters
  • Sale and purchase of second-hand ships
  • Ordering newbuilding contracts with shipyards
  • Demolition Voyage Certification
  • Post fixture activities