Industrial Online Robotic Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning Robots

JS Marines has started Industrial Robotic cleaning solutions for handling high complexity hazardous and non-hazardous sludge found in various kinds of industrial establishments such as ash dykes , ponds , cooling towers etc . By means of these Industrial cleaning robots , the company is offering pond cleaning services , which assist in waste management as well as sludge recycling.

We assist our clients to reduce operating costs, focus on their core business and meet their safety and environmental objectives by providing turnkey solutions which are based on sludge recycling. The application of industrial cleaning robots is catching up with all industrial sectors in India ranging across all establishments.

Our main competitive advantage lies in our unique, innovative robotic cleaning and dredging solutions which are used to facilitate the hazardous sludge and sediments removal from highly complexity confined space structures within the chemical, petrochemical and mining industries. These industrial cleaning robots are hydraulically operated , and intrinsically safe for operation even in hazardous environment.

Our main goal is to provide our clients with a highly cost effective and an environmentally friendly solution. Our online cleaning solutions save time and money by preventing a costly shutdown and increases safety and productivity. We offer innovative and tailor-made solutions for the treatment of waste water & sludge recycling.

Ponds and Lagoons Cleaning

Ponds and lagoons are widely used as an industrial storage area and settling mechanism. Over time, sludge and sediments accumulate at the bottom, partially obstructing and preventing the proper and economical operation.

Sediments located at the bottom of tanks usually contain highly valuable and recyclable materials. On the other hand, access to these is very limited and as a result difficult to treat.

In addition, safety risks associated with the extremely harsh environments usually require long and costly shutdown periods.

As a result, sludge and sediments removal by conventional methods and machinery such as dredgers, excavators etc. is a costly operation which involves significant economic risks, in addition, requires specific caution and great skills.

We specialize in operating robots and unique systems for treating, cleaning and sludge recycling , along with Pond cleaning services while the system is in operation.

Our robotic system can pump and treat up to 25 to 50 Metre cube of liquid sludge per hour, which can be lined up with filter press or decanter. The dewatered material can assist in sludge recycling in case the same has commercial value. The treated water can also be recirculated back in the system.

We use technology based on a remote controlled robotic pumping unit. The system is designed for on-line sludge pumping while the cooling tower is in operation and by that preventing the cooling tower from shutting down. These industrial cleaning robots are available in submersible & floating versions which can be chosen based on whether cleaning is required in open spaces such a pond or confined areas like cooling towers , basins etc .

We offer various tanks cleaning services. Our solutions include a wide range of remote operated robotic cleaning machines which facilitate the hazardous sludge and sediments removal from industrial tank and confined space applications. by applying our automatic and semi – automatic cleaning robot’s clients reduce operating costs, focus on their core business and meet their safety and environmental objectives. As part of our cost effective approach, we also offering a wide range of onsite treatment and separation services. This cuts down on waste management and waste disposal costs and the liquids obtained from the processes can be reused or sold to maximize client’s profits.